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Glen Turner Master Reserve 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml

GLEN TURNER Single Malts are Scotch Whiskies produced from malted barley in the eponymous distillery in the Highlands.

The grains are carefully selected to ensure optimum quality. The barley is malted, dried, crushed and mashed to release the sugars that will be fermented through the addition of yeast. The liquid produced is then distilled in pot stills and left to mature in the distillery’s warehouses. GLEN TURNER Heritage benefits from a double maturation, first in bourbon casks, then in port casks, whilst GLEN TURNER Malt Legend is matured for 12 long years entirely in bourbon casks.

An exceptional Single Malt made in the Highlands in the heart of Scotland using ancestral traditional methods. 12 years of aging in ex-Bourbon barrels are necessary, under the careful supervision of our cellar master, so that our Single Malt can express its full aromatic potential.

It is characterized by its intense golden color, its deep and warm nose with fruity notes and a round and soft bouquet.

Instant tasting:

Glen Turner 12 years old should be enjoyed neat or accompanied by a light dash of water to release all the finesse of its aromas of plum and licorice.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: gold

Nose: fruity, floral, hints of vanilla, honey.

Flavour: complex, fruity, notes of citrus, vanilla, wood.

Finish: Long lasting, creamy, hints of liquorice.

︎ GOLD Medal (IWSC, 2022)

︎ SILVER Medal (World Whiskies Awards, 2021)

︎ GOLD Medal (CWSA Awards, 2019)

︎ SILVER Medal (International Spirits Challenge, 2019)


ABV: 47%

Size: 700ml