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HWAYO 25 Premium Korean Soju 375ml

HWAYO Vacuum Distillation allows liquor to capture rich aroma of rice. When HWAYO25 is diluted with hot water with ratio 6:4 or taken when it’s warm, you can feel great balance and finish.

Taste or aroma does not change when HWAYO25 is diluted with water.

"KOREA WINE & SPIRITS AWARDS" is the most influential awards in Korea when it comes to liquor.
This award was opened 7 years ago, and HWAYO has received Grand prize for 7 years in a row.

HWAYO25 won 'BEST of 2020' and 'Grand prize' in Premium soju below 26% category.
For 'BEST of 2020', only one product from each category wins the honor. HWAYO25 won this prize from the Premium soju category.

Pack Size: 375ml