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Cutty Sark Prohibition 700ml
Named after the legendary Tea Clipper ship – the fastest ship of its day – CUTTY SARK is one of the most recognisable Scotch Whiskies in the world since its creation in 1923, with a long and distinguished heritage celebrating the spirit of adventure. CUTTY SARK offers a lighter taste and fresher personality, perfect for mixing.
Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition salutes Captain Bill McCoy. His Prohibition smuggling operation between 1920-1933 was so effective it gave rise to Cutty Sark’s reputation as “The Real McCoy”. Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition’s black opaque bottle design and cork seal are inspired by the dark brown and green glass bottles that were popular during the era, making it an attractive offering to consumer looking for authenticity. Bottled at 50% ABV (100% proof), a full flavour composed of black pepper and toffee notes with a subtle hint of vanilla and citrus fruits, giving bartenders great flexibility for mixability and cocktail creation.
Alc: 50%