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Gibson's Pink Gin 700ml
GIBSON'S PINK is an original recipe made with distilled gin deliciously balanced by natural, refreshing notes of strawberry and rose petal. With no added sugar, GIBSON'S PINK adds fruity notes to cocktails!
Appearance - A nice deep pink color
Nose - The delicate notes of rose, citrus and strawberry bring freshness and smoothness. They well balanced with the distinctive gin’s spices notes such as juniper, coriander and angelica.
Palate - Spicy notes, sweetly followed by strawberry and hints of liquorice. The finish is a subtle blend of rose and strawberry.
- Juniper berries
- Strawberry
- Rose Petal
- Orange peel
- Anglica Root
- Coriander Seed
- Lemon Peel
- Orris Root
- Nutmeg
- Chinese Cinnamon
Alc: 37.5%